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Show #66 Police Power

On the show today we look at the power that the police have and do a final talk about militarizing the police.

Voice Mail
206 745-2731
206 745-APE1


Gun and Knife used to rescue kids

18 Year Old Mom Kills Intruder

Music on the Show

Artist: Tab & Anitek
Album: Project Monarch
Song : Dormouse

Hope you enjoyed the show and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Show #4 Personal Responsibility

The episode looks at Personal Responsibility and how we are getting further and further away from it. You can say that Personal Responsibility is the newest addition to the Endangered Species List.

Links to the articles that I referenced in the show.

Cop shot by 3 year old son Sues Glock
DEA Agent shoots self while teaching gun safety in a school

Click HERE to see the video