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I’ll be going to the GRPC in Phoenix. It will be my first time attending and hopefully I will meet up with Eric from the Handgun Podcast on Sat. If any of you guys are going hope to see you there.

Show #6 Vice Presidents

Just what role does the vice presidential pick play in an election and what does it tell us about the presidential candidate?

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Gun Rights Conference 2008

Hey everyone, I will be going to the Gun Rights Policy Conference that is being held in Phoenix this year.  Along with myself, I know that Eric from the Handgun Podcast will be attending and also Matt from Gun Rights News will be there.  The conference will be from Friday the 26th to Sunday the 28th.  Should be lots of fun.    We will be recording some of the speakers and may even be able to get some interviews hopefully some pics as well.

I think that Dustin from Dustin’s Gun Blog will be there as well.

In other news… look for show #6 in the next couple of days.  Hope to post by Sunday.

Show #5 Equipment

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