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Show #98 Things Are Going To Get Stirred Up

On the show today we have some great feedback and recommendations. I also talk about the upcoming Zimmerman trial and some things that are going on in Colorado.

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Update on teacher Daniel Nagel who brought gun to school
George Zimmerman Trial

Parts list from listener CIPhoto
Here are the specs for the lower build:
-Spike’s Tactical Calico Jack forged lower receiver
-Head Down Products lower parts kit
-UTG Receiver Extension Buffer Tube 6-Position Mil-Spec Diameter AR-15, LR-308 Carbine Aluminum Matte
-Advanced Technology Buffer Spring AR-15 Carbine
-Mako GLR16 Buttstock Collapsible AR-15, LR-308 Carbine Synthetic Black
-Magpul Trigger Guard MOE AR-15 Polymer Black
-Magpul MOE grip
-Magpul ASAP Receiver End Plate Sling Mount Adapter (Ambidextrous)

Here are the specs for the upper build:
-BCM BFH 14.5″ Mid Length (LIGHT WEIGHT) Upper Receiver Group (cold hammer forged, chrom lined, 1:7 twist)
-PWS FSC556 Tactical Compensator (permanently pinned and welded)
-BCM Bolt Carrier Group
-Daniel Defense A1.5 Detachable Fixed Rear Sight AR-15 Flattop Aluminum Matte
-BCM Gunfighter charging handle
-MOE Hand Guard, Mid-Length

S.W.A.T. Firearms

Show #97 What Do You Think

On the show today I talk about Adam Kokesh and his march, the teacher who brought a firearms to school, and about wanting to build my own AR-15.

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Teacher with Gun at School
Have Blue
Smart Carry
Start Page search engine that does not record your IP Address

Music on the show provided by Jamendo
Intro Music:
ARTIST: Screenatorium
ALBUM: Take Off For Naive
SONG: Take Off For Naive

Ending Music:
ARTIST: Brad Sucks
ALBUM: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
SONG: Making Me Nervous