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Show #112

On the show today I talk about some of the things that are happening in the “Open Carry Movement” also a little bit about the recent mass killing in California.

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Show #67 Books and Stuff

On the show today I review Practical Home Security by Alex Haddox and I have some feedback from Braden. Also a little bit more police talk.

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Alex Haddox
AB 144
Lew Rockwell Blog
Cop shoots fellow officer

Show #54 TSA, BATFE, BFF

On today’s show I have some feed back and we also talk a little bit about the TSA and the BATFE.

Sen. Grassley

Lew Rockwell

Michael Bane

Rep Ron Paul

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Show #53 Constitutional Changes

On today’s show I have some feedback and talk about Constitutional Amendments as well as a little about Open Carry Vs Concealed Carry.

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