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Show #176 AR9 Is On The Way

On the show today I talk about social media, what the left does when a tool outlives it’s usefulness as well as the progress on the AR9 pistol build. There is my interpretation of some of the BATFE rules on pistols and short barrel rifles. We also have some great feedback from Spencer.

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Show #108

On the show today I talk a bit about Connecticut and about Ares Armor

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Nutnfancy interview with Ares Armor

Ares Armor

Ares Armor CEO Letter about BATFE

BATFE “raid” on Ares Armor

Show #51 Look At The New Shiny Thing

On the show today I talk some more about BATFE, TSA , the TV Show Sons of Guns, and also talk about some bills that are being passed in Arizona.  We should all give big ups to Wyoming for passing Constitutional Carry.  4 states and counting.


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