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Show #52 Can’t Get Away From Politics

Today’s show is mostly feedback, some holster talk, tv talk and being a good example.

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Milt Sparks

El Paso Saddlery

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Song Floatin Funk
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Show #51 Look At The New Shiny Thing

On the show today I talk some more about BATFE, TSA , the TV Show Sons of Guns, and also talk about some bills that are being passed in Arizona.  We should all give big ups to Wyoming for passing Constitutional Carry.  4 states and counting.


Goldwater Institute

Show # 47 TSA Needs To Go

On today’s show I talk about TSA and also some new philosophies in England.


YouTube videos

Airport security checkpoint clip from Airplane 2

Strip search of  young boy by TSA

DemCad’s Channel

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Mr John Micklethwait  EIC Economist

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