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Show #137 Wanting a New Gun and an Object Lesson

On the show today I talk about the VP9 from H&K and also about a court case that happened a couple of years ago and what are some of the lessons that can be learned.

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Show #99 The Zimmerman Trial

On the show today I talk about the Zimmerman trial now that the verdict has been announced. There is some feedback and we have a little more AR-15 talk.

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Edward Arms

App to track/locate “dangerous gun owners”

Show #32 How the Courts Work

Today we begin a series on the Court system, how it works and who are the players.  This show looks at how do you find yourself before the Judge

Show #2 Heller wins landmark victory in Supreme Court Ruling

This episode of the Firearms Café is about the victory that the American people received in the Supreme Court. Now it’s official, you do have the right to keep and bear arms.